Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Rollei RPX 25 film-some afterthoughts

I published a lengthy note on the results achieved from this most promising (newish) emulsion some months ago. I say (newish) in parentheses as some writers have suggested that what we have is Pan F in a slightly tweaked form. However, the chief criticism of that emulsion was the poor reaction of the latent image to storage prior to processing. Not a point that will concern most users unless one makes a habit of having Father Christmas at frame 1 and 36 with the summer holidays in between as some were forced to do in the early days of Kodachrome imports!

I have just processed two films exposed during a visit to Ireland during last summer and put on one side. No ill effects could be detected at all. I also processed them, in a slightly different manner to the results reported in my previous Blog which resulted in rather high contrast and the loss of highlight detail. I gave the  latest two films 6.5 mins at 20 degrees C in FX-39 which produced a slight reduction in contrast over the 8 mins that appears in many places. I have come to the conclusion that the camera/lens used has a bearing on all this contrast. I used a Leitz Summicron  50mm f2.0 lens (one of the Canadian ones) at f5.6 in most cases. Exposure was set by the R4s averaging meter. I would guess,without real evidence,that the resultant contrast will be far higher than results from many of the old and possibly uncoated lenses recorded in this Blog which have been used in the past. Logically, the next step is to use Rollei RPX 25 in a Leica 1 with the original lens and see what the results are like. I have chosen an old body to try to eliminate any distortion of the results by internal reflection or lack of this but could put the old lens on a M body- Watch this space!

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