Monday, 31 December 2012

Olympic Site, Stratford 2012


Olympic site, Stratford 2012
Leica 111f Summitar f2.0 Taken in the break between the two Games when the access area was open to the public

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Malmesbury Farmers Market  2009
Leica 111f  Summar f2.0 (coated)
 This is a 1936 lens which has been coated after  1945 and is free from the usual front element problems.

Mahon Fiesta (Jaleo)
Menorca 2009
Leica 1f  Summaron f3.5
It must be explained that the cloud at the foot
of this is gravel kicked up by the horse.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Street Scene (Bar Navarra) Salamanca

Street Scene, Salamanca, Spain April 1996
Leica M2 Summicron (first type)

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Site Meeting, Belfast, November 2011
Leica M3, Elmar f3.5

Giffords Circus, Minchinhampton, Glos. August 2012
Leica M2 Summicron (Type 4)

Menorca Gateway 2009
Leica 111f  Summitar f2.0 (coated)

Country Post Office 2000
Leica 111f  50mm 3.5 Elmar

Flour Mill Menorca 2007
Leica 111f  Summitar f2.0 (Coated)

Miranda del Castanar
Near Bejar,Spain
Leica M2 Summicron (first type)

From Walls of Avila,Spain
Leica M2, Summicron (first type)

Somerset Barn
Leica 111f  Mir 20mm 5.6

Mahon Fiesta 2008
Leica 1f   35mm Summaron f3.5 A36 type
Avila in Spring
Leica M2 50mm Summicron (first type)
Gun Street,City of London
Leica 111f Summitar f2.0

Cavendish Square Swindon
Leica M2  Summicron f2.0

 Plaza Mayor, Salamanca
Leica M2 Summicron f2.0

 Leica M2 Summicron f2.0

Leica 111f,Coated Summar f2.0

Swindon 1998
 Leica 111f  uncoated Summar f2.0,This is the negative that appears much later printed in a vintage enlarger with an uncoated Varob lens.