Thursday, 21 January 2016

Leica Enlarger Marketing- 1930's style

I was recently given a copy of the December 1937 version of the Leitz enlarger booklet. This runs to 46 pages and if any other enlargers of the time are of interest just email me and I shall post all I can on this site. I have ignored the 35mm only enlargers for now and continued with the Vasex 1 noting that the price has risen by £6 in 79 years between new and today- secondhand! The attention to detail is typical of all the printed leaflets and brochures right down to the latest colour offerings which resemble a thick magazine and are rather collectable. I do not have the four bulb diffusion head neither do I need it with the option of a v54 Aristo head but it does explain the 60watt Osram enlarger bulbs which I recently acquired-largely due to being of the short neck type-probably as old as the enlarger.