Monday, 21 September 2015

Back to Crich- the Tram Museum

Back at Crich,an older print which has just come to hand. T-Max 400 in D76 1:1 developer with the Leica 111f and , on this shot , a 20mm MIR wide angle camera.Rather cloudy and difficult to get any tone in the sky.

'End of an Era'- (Another) Book Review!

It gives me great pleasure to review the book 'End of an Era' from Robert Hughes LRPS a fellow member of The Leica Society.In a large publication - 8x12 inches- he has produced a fine record of the last days of Abergavenny Livestock Market prior to its closure on it's traditional site and relocation. Executed,in the main, in the traditional Leica format it is a worthy candidate to break the rule of this Blog by introducing a Digital element as the book was compiled using Leica M Digital and D-Lux cameras.

This is an excellent work in the tradition of Leica Photojournalism and it is acknowledged by Robert in his notes that he was inspired by the late James Ravilious which comes over strongly in the rural settings he has chosen.Delightfully produced by Country Books it is a fine example of the Leica genre.

A fine Christmas gift for any follower of black and white photography and available now at £20, Robert's web address is

Apologies to Robert , in advance, for the poor quality of reproduction on this site which is due to me entirely and in no way reflects the quality of the book!

Singalong at Dursley Car Boot Sale-with an unusual camera

This is a grab shot at the local Car Boot sale using a Leica Mini 3 point and shoot camera. The lens is a Summar 32mm,one of the cases of reuse of a Classic name. Film was good old FP4 in D76 1;1 as it was fairly good light that day. Removal of the need to focus permits a quicker photograph in the circumstances!One of several 'Donkey Serenaders' who raise funds for Charity.