Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Shell House,Salamanca Leica M2

A simple record of a scene repeated in several early Leica Handbooks from the 1960's when the area became popular with tourists from Northern Europe.Lighting is difficult and the shadows of the shells appear in most photographs! Leica M2  with Type 1 Summicron f2 lens kindly tweaked and reconditioned by Malcolm Taylor. Film was ,strange to say, Ilford Delta  100 in Perceptol 1;3 which is a stunning combination IF one has the light as ASA falls to 50 or so in my experience.

On the Crich Tramway.

A volunteer driver on the trams at the Crich Tramway in The Peak District.We were present with the Cotswold Group of PCCGB. Well worth a visit, this Museum is of quite staggering size and solidity! This driver took us for a long run on a tram which is included in the admission.Camera was a Leica 111f with a f2.8 Elmar,(last type from the Classic era).Film was T-Max 400 in D76 1:1

The old Central St Martins Building,London.

I had thought that this negative was mislaid until I was asked for a copy and eventually found it after a long search.It was taken in the old building of Central St. Martins in Southampton Row.It is my son sat on the stairs many years ago,about 1998,on a very dull winter day with difficult contrasts. The camera was a Leica 11 with a f2 Summitar and the film was Tri-X in D76.

Vintage camera at Vintage building

A spot of publicity for a deserving cause. Woodchester Mansion near Nailsworth ,Gloucestershire,is an unfinished Mansion House in the state it was abandoned in 1873. This Grade 1 listed Building is preserved as if the builders had left yesterday and will never be completed.An extraordinary architectural exhibit set in an secluded Cotswold valley and well worth a visit- or even join the Friends of the Mansion as we have done. Leica photograph with a 111f body and a f3.5
Summaron at about f8. The film was T-Max 400 in D76 1:1.

Golden Days at the Half Moon , Putney.

A Personal memory here of Harry Hill at the Half Moon , Putney, about  the year 2000 at a Musical Soiree with the Caterers and Gary.Taken on an early Leica 11 and a Summitar f2 lens. Film was Tri-X in D76 and this shot was from the standing audience.Great Days.I remember that there had to be no advance publicity for 'contractual reasons' and we once made a 90 mile journey to find the session was 'off'.

A Blast from the Past in Leica Circles.

I came across this leaflet from the past  which I suspect dates back to the early post war period. The Circles run under what is now the Leica Society and previously Leica Postal Portfolios have seen many changes and have developed with the moves to Digital work and the decline of slides. However we keep going and fuller details can be found on the main Society website.Just in passing the address at the foot of this leaflet is long out of date.Much can be found of the early Leica Circle history from the pages of Miniature Camera Magazine up to and during WW2.