Monday, 18 July 2016

Great Weekend at Pickwick,Wilts-

No Photographs with this one, but just a big thank you to the folks at Guyers House Hotel & Restaurant for the Leica Society Weekend a few weeks back. Much enjoyed by all and congratulations to David Dickinson on taking the Mirfield Award for our own Circle 6.I am unable to announce that I got any award  for my four prints but one will be in the Leica Society Magazine later in the year, so was rather pleased at that result. I have not included the print here and the Mag. should have a far better print from a scan by The Darkroom, Cheltenham. I met lots of friends,old and new and saw much exciting and attractive camera gear!

Thanks to an old friend I have obtained some more copies of the pre - war 'Leica News and Technique'.This was a magazine published by Leitz in London, just before the war, and I have scanned a page on the origins of the Society which may be of interest.More on the usual line soon with details of some (early) additions!

July/ Aug 1938-;