Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Leica-The Royal Connection

No doubt the ardent Leica user will be aware of the above postage stamps which go back some years-about 30 actually. The point of interest is the central photograph on the top left and lower right stamps showing H.M.The Queen with a Leica-looks like a M3 with one of the early(and most reliable) meters on top. Rather a good selection, in fact a gift engraved at the factory.  Her father bought a  'Purma' at the the British Industries Fair to use in Canada shortly before the war !

Thoughts of the Royal Family continue and in running through what I can add I recalled the film of H.M. George VI using what appears to be a 16mm Cine camera in the palace gardens. I sought, without success, for a Leica moment but all I have come up with is the following quote from H.M. The King at the British Industries Fair 1937-:

                                              "I am a miniature camera enthusiast"

Possibly this enthusiasm was reinforced by his  dealings with James Jarche and the excellent reception given to the exhibition of 5ft x 4ft enlargements of the May Coronation taken with a Hektor 135mm lens. James Jarche also attended the Royal Tournament and Spithead with his Leica and the results were reproduced widely.Agfa film was used and the Coronation photographs appeared in Agfa advertising.

(Source-Miniature Camera World  No. 4 vol. 1  March 1937.)
(Leica News and Technique No.27 May-June 1937)

On the other hand the ground is rather more fertile in the case of his brother, H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor.Here where we can provide an illustration,
Schonbrun,Vienna Feb 1935?  (L,N&T March 1935)

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