Friday, 18 November 2016

Not often seen-but not a lot of use

I recently came across a copy of a Data Book that was published in the US in at least four editions Silver/Red copies have also been seen.
Mine is the 4th-edition from 1935, which is of
great interest to the Leica collector but much of the Data is now overtaken by new emulsions. However the physical data on lenses and cameras is still good and I have also reproduced the page about Bromoil for the benefit of those few hardy workers maintaining an interest in the medium. The cover appears to be produced in a grained board and 'gold' and is really an attractive item.The author was active in many Photographic fields in the US and died in 1964 at the age of 62.
He had been active in forces photo training and had worked for Carl Zeiss,Gevaert,and was Dean of New York Institute of Photography. All in all a fascinating book and one wonders how he managed to collate such a mine of information in the few years that the Leica had been available.

Just for fun-or perhaps a life saver-is this card exposure guide picked up at  Process Supplies of Mount Pleasant EC. yesterday. It is published to publicise 'filmsnotdead'  a website that is well worth a visit.

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