Thursday, 14 May 2015

Unusual early Focomat Helix

Vintage Leica users have become accustomed to the small spring loaded pegs which put a 'click' into the focusing helix and provide a 'home' point for various film holders and easel set ups.In the course of rebuilding two early models I found that one parts donor was of what I take to be a very early type. Auto focus would have to be set by reaching best sharpness with the helix and then locking the threads with the knurled screw on the left of the pictures.The only drawback I can see is the lack of the ability to run several 'clicks' for different focus set ups but with one lens/carrier/paper easel there is no problem. The fittings make this part interchangeable with the later part. For the very observant, yes, the 'tooth gap' in the rim is missing thus making retro fitting of click pegs impossible.

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