Tuesday, 6 June 2017

An Original Tom March print

I was favoured to be given an original Tom March print some years ago. I cannot identify the driver,car or track but would liken to add this souvenir to the previous Blog concerning his work.  I think I can identify a Maserati badge but as usual comments welcome.

T.C. (Tom) March-more on our past Secretary

I have never expected these ramblings to be more than of, I hope, passing interest to Leica users and those who are members of the current Leica Circles. Many blogs ago I wrote about Circle 6 Housekeeping and the Circle 6 Mirfield Award for 1969 which went to Tom March.  However I recently learnt that Tom had been a past Secretary of this Circle and also of the original New England circle when it existed. This position seems to have been held for many years,  at least from the early 1950's, and he was still a very active member in 1969, and contributed to the last ( Big) Morgan Leica Book in 1972.. I have now turned up an article he wrote in 1951 in which he refers to his pre war interest in Motor Racing and I have reproduced this as it is of considerable interest to the Leica user even today.  References to Colour Film can, I think, only refer to Kodachrome at 10 ASA which must have posed real problems with fast moving vehicles but he had the advantage of a 85mm Summarex f1.5 which is a lens rarely seen even today.

A month after the above was posted I came across another print from 1952 and here it is-