Sunday, 15 April 2018

Yet more Leicas in Fiction

I suppose that setting a novel or Detective yarn in the 1930's makes  the Leica easy copy to give authentic background to your story. The first of two such cases is the recently published works of Ian Sansom. His latest work is a series called the County Guides, not a Petrol Company promotion but a series of Crime fiction works in an unusual presentation. Illustrated from Arthur Mees Kings England series they pose as records of the preparation of a series of Guide Books by-

                                   Swanton Morley- The Peoples Professor, a highly sucessful self taught  journalist and author on any subject under the sun with hundreds of books to his credit                                         

                                 Stephen Sefton- Emotionally damaged pennyless
  Veteran of the Spanish Civil War who is Morley's Secretary and assistant

                                 Miriam Morley-Attractive socialite daughter of Morley who drives Morley's favourite car,a Lagonda.

A number of real life characters pass through the pages, Amy Johnson for example, and Morley's friends in high places will be well known. In each book the Leica plays a part- in  Westmorland Alone , quite a large part. A Good Read.

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