Sunday, 28 January 2018

Yet another Book Review. James Ravilious.

It would appear that only books I like -a lot- are reviewed here, but I hasten to say that there is no trade influence in my choice of reading.  If I waste some valuable time reading a book I do not like then it will not appear here and may well appear in the local paper recycling.

This is a book I have long awaited , the Author spoke at a Leica gathering a year or two ago and her subject is one of  the most interesting photographers of the last century in British Leica circles, linked as he is with the great Edwin Smith and being the son of Eric Ravilious. To me as a collector of  The Saturday Book, Leica cameras,  Photographic work of Edwin Smith, and the writing of Olive Cooke it is a 'must have' It is a bit early in this Blog for references but a superb background of the times, and far better than I can attempt, is at which provides a superb overview of the subjects early context.

For many years we have had  books of Devon photographs based upon the farms and farmers of this home area. They include some that have become world famous through postcards and greetings cards but real personal detail in a logical form has been lacking. This latest publication corrects that and coming as it does from his wife the source could hardly be more appropriate.

We are taken from the earliest days of James' memory of his father departing to Iceland, never to return, the loss of his mother at a young age, his own subsequent ill health, and his gentle approach to life and work. A vast talent cut short.

Title: James Ravilious  A Life.  By Robin Ravilious  Wilmington Square Books - An Imprint of Bitter Lemon Press. London 2017. ISBN 978-1-908524-942  248 pp. many monochrome illustrations and Index.

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