Saturday, 23 September 2017

Books you should read- even from an Ikonta user!

The short book review which follows relates to a publication of great interest to me and which would I feel interest many film camera users.

                                                         The title is-

                               'Reece Winstone   Rambles in the Darkroom'

                                By  John Winstone.ISBN0900814 73X    1994

                                Pub: Reece Winstone Archive and Publishing

The name of Reece Winstone will be familiar to many in the West of England through his collections of historic photographs of the Bristol area dating to the dawn of Photography. Now highly collectable, these cover some 200 years in about 37 volumes. In addition  publications by his family take this to 44 editions. His name appears in almost every magazine one picks up from  club reports of the 1930's onwards.

As the book makes clear Mr Winstone had a distinguished career as a freelance photographer and as a prime mover in the formation of Photographic Clubs in the Bristol  and South West area which led to  the  Western Counties Photographic Federation  of 1932, established while he was but young . At that time the line between Amateur and Professional in Club circles was, it seems. rather more relaxed than today. Throughout his life he actively promoted Photography and the preservation of the Bristol of past years which had suffered badly in the Blitz, and far, far, more up until his passing in recent years.

However, this book contains some really fine photographs of photojournalistic subjects, typical of his time, but possessing  a great attraction for the darkroom worker of today. By the way, a number of his fine prints appeared in circulating portfolios from the late 1920's - Join one today!

To me this is a far more attractive book of photographs than many which appear in full colour today, His Colour output was limited but examples are available from the Reece Winstone archive website. Get one and see for yourself. Other books available are also listed on the site which is at :-

*For a later publication of the work of Reece Winstone see my post of November 2017

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