Thursday, 10 August 2017

Leitz Literature and Design-

Three Leitz publications came my way a few days ago and it was interesting to note the evolution in design that they illustrate.  It goes without saying that those likely to be reading this will be well aware that there has been only one basic change in the design of Leica direct viewing cameras since the 1920's which was the arrival of the M3 in the 1950's and the change to bayonet lens mounts.

The design of enlargers  was equally timeless and I could go back to well pre war days to,  more or less,  match the illustrations of the Focomat enlargers shown.  These underwent their own screw/bayonet moment shortly after the War and then changed little until the v35 came along.I would say these leaflets cover the period 1950-1970 , approximately.

And here is one of the older leaflets in the English edition from December 1937 which shows the classic Focomat 1 which appears Blog passim on this site.


  1. Not only an interesting record of the design changes to the enlarger but also an interesting study of twentieth century pre-digital graphics!

    1. Thank You, the tumble weed is clearing and the bell no longer tolls/PB