Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Unusual lens container-HELP

This post is little different from the usual themes of the Blog in that a response is sought from anyone who can shed light on the container illustrated in the following pictures.  This is of a Bakelite lens pot rather similar to recent Russian products.  The item is marked Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany and on the base 9cm Elmar.  However it has been tried with eleven examples of this lens and all are just too long to fit.  It may be that it was offered for a very early lens of non standard length and lacking a r/f ring but this is not available for testing.

Any help would be much appreciated, and in the event that 'Comment' does not work just email to paulblanchardlppo6@gmail.net. UPDATE July 2017: Another of these has appeared on Ebay at 99.99 or offers.
It is likely that this one shown ,and a 50mm version,may appear at SAS of Newbury in a future auction.

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