Monday, 29 May 2017

The State of the nation- January 1946

Following the gloomy posts in the past when our Circle closed for 'the duration' comes a newly discovered report from Miniature Camera Magazine for January 1946 picking up the pieces that remain after six years of relative inactivity.  Interesting to note that just like B.B.C. TV,   the Circles resume precisely where they left off in 1939!  ( Actually a bit of Urban myth- the website will recall the correct version.)

Our Society was back in the swing of Saturday gatherings in London again open to all but a new trend of 'serious photography' in a London showing much evidence of  Wartime damage.  The full notice is reproduced below and it only remains for me to draw your attention,
again, to the meetings based on LCE, Bristol  which commenced in 2017  ( Yes, 71 years later!)  given publicity in a recent Blog here. Sorry about the rather poor original which forced me to reverse the scan.

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