Wednesday, 8 February 2017

More of C.C.B. Herbert and his Railway Photography

The next photograph comes from the results of the 1948 Ian Allan Photographic Competition where Mr Herbert was the Number one prizewinner.  As the premiere winner he had a page all to himself and the print stands up well to enlargement, with just a little interference from the coarse screen used. It  must be said that the locomotive was no doubt moving slowly from rest but, for me, the best part is the smoke and steam rising above.

I was fortunate  to get hold of a copy of My best Railway Photographs. No.four,
 this contains a portrait of Mr Herbert at work.  Note the rather unusual viewfinder which he later describes as  designed for the German Air Force in the War.  I am unable to find anything similar in the usual reference books.It contained no lenses at all, and explains that he  normally used a f3.5Elmar or a f2  Summitar.This latter lens was the favourite 'top' lens of the period offering excellent performance without the drawbacks of some of the exotic offerings of the day.  As a favourite film -around 1948- he used Agfa Isopan F in good light and HP3 if required,

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