Thursday, 8 December 2016

Leica Society Day at Bruton Place

The Hon. President in discussion with Members at the buffet lunch kindly provided by Leica in the Lecture Theatre. A full selection of products was on display and available for trial in the mini-studio. All present were encouraged to try the  instant camera now available under the Leica name which produced colour prints about 6x4.5 cms which takes one back to contact prints of many years ago!  I was delighted to learn that a Black and White 'emulsion' is available which has been a sadly neglected area of SX type packs available here in the past, although it has been seen in Japan for some years. At the risk of derision here are the three prints I came away with-

I think I should avoid distant subjects such as landscapes and bear in mind the limits of the flash in poor lighting but sharpness was evident and for an instant print there is nothing quite so small and convenient.


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