Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Missing Link-the Leica enlarger part that is always lost.

The elusive spanner which was supplied with many Leica enlargers prior to the V35 as the tool to assemble the base board and column. Users will recall that a large fine threaded nut beneath the baseboard has a semi-castellated rim-in other words a plain circular finish with one cross slot to tighten. Short of misuse of a chisel there is not much else that one could use. These tend to crop up in Junk Boxes but really should never part company from the enlarger.All I can find about the spanner like end is that it may be intended to fix an extension tube but I had always thought it was to move those flat nuts on the baseboard locking device.On trying I find it will not fit the nuts so any clarification welcome. ( Film box to show scale and devotion to silver printing!)

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