Monday, 4 May 2015

Another Focomat rolls off the production line

Here at the Secret Mountain Laboratory we have managed to assemble another Focomat from the parts bin, Yes, the top dome will fit. The Garden Chair is a Leica 'rarity 28'- perhaps. Again the column was corroded and while re-plating was possible a quote for a vintage bumper on an Austin 7 was enough to suggest another v35 may have been cheaper, so black spray it was.  Longest job was getting a flattish base board but all efforts to restore the wood finish have failed due to the sensitive depth of the slots which cannot be sanded.

This one has the single glass negative holders in 3x4 and nominal 4x4 sizes.I shall try to make a 4x4 negative on the Rolleicord and  post later. Memo to self-Try a very slightly longer lens for 4x4 printing and see if it is better than the Varob. There is one mystery about the 4x4 carrier. This was new and arrived from an Ebay purchase in an old Ilford Bromide box for Quarter plate bromide paper. This box was  labelled ' Prof. Sewall Wright' who was a noted U.S. zoologist but how the box/carrier ended up here is unknown.

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