Thursday, 7 March 2013

Looking back to Technical Pan film

I found this older shot of a local house which was taken by me on Technical Pan film a few years back and it made me think how much we miss that superb emulsion in Vintage Leica circles .Of course Kodak were in it to make money, not as a charity to help Vintage photographers, but I wonder if the end of TP made any real difference in the speed of Kodak running down to todays position. Still, we have T-Max remaining and I am just starting to use a TP substitute in the shape of Adox CMS-20 but supply is erratic and some confusion surrounded the processing for a time. What we had in TP was a proven emulsion and a matched developer which, despite detractors, came to be a very practical film.The razor sharpness and micro contrast just jump out of an original print but may not be obvious in a scan such as this.
The camera was a Leica M2 with f2.0 Summicron,and the print produced on a Focomat Ic with a TTH 50mm lens.

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